What are the favorite dishes of the French? During the program broadcast this Tuesday, June 28 on C8, Yannick Alléno, three-star chef at the head, and the journalist and culinary critic Raphaële Marchal revealed the favorite dishes of the French, a ranking resulting from a survey by the CSA Institute. A new program broadcast in prime time and which alternated tests and reports in the warm setting of La Felicità, in Paris.

The journalist specified on her Instagram account that she had gone with the chef “on the ski slopes, in the heart of a velodrome, in the middle of the vineyards, in Alsace, in Marrakech, in Menton, in Normandy or in a Parisian truck” in order to to illustrate and portray the favorite dishes of the French. Throughout the evening, the culinary duo indeed detailed the dishes selected by the French and presented reports shot in the heart of their native lands.

Fondue, quiche Lorraine, tartiflette or quenelle lyonnaise… Which dishes have won the hearts of the French? Gastronomy is a real French way of life and there are many specialties. In a study revealed this Thursday, January 20, 2022, Reebok had for its part already analyzed the nutritional value of a long series of traditional French dishes in order to determine the most nutritionally balanced specialties, that is to say offering the best balance. between carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Against all expectations, it was the tartiflette, a very rich dish made with potatoes and cheese, which had been designated as the regional dish with the best nutritional balance according to the study with 4.2 grams of protein and 9, 7 grams of carbs per 100 calories. According to the study, Lorraine had the next two most balanced dishes in terms of nutrients with pâté lorraine and quiche lorraine.

According to a Sociovision survey (*) carried out in November 2021, it was this same cheese-friendly dish, tartiflette, which had been voted favorite dish of the French. Within this ranking produced at the end of 2021 for TF1, there were also other rich and comforting dishes: Alsatian sauerkraut, Toulouse cassoulet, traditional beef bourguignon, Savoyard fondue or even aligot, Breton galette, duck breast and gratin dauphinois.

Discover in the slideshow below the 10 favorite dishes of the French according to the CSA Institute survey revealed in the C8 program.