In Munich, has now gone the longest, and perhaps the most insane year of the CSU story to the end. It started with the defeat in the parliamentary election, has led the change in the Premiership, the bitter asylum to the dispute and the loss of the absolute majority in the state election, and it ended with the Takeover of the party chairmanship by Markus Söder. That it has leached all the parties Involved, showed the Congress. The often announced “election analysis” was no longer of interest, and the mood of optimism and panting laboriously, the awakening rhetoric. To fit that the Congress was prematurely terminated, because the decision lacked the capacity to many of the delegates had already left.

Horst Seehofer, who had been relegated to the task of the party presidency, showed when you Leave the party satisfied. He himself had forbidden Pathos and “self-exaggeration”. Cheering for him would have been actually out of place, otherwise it would have been still the question of why he had to go at all. This, however, is that he has led the party for more than ten years, the bottom line is that successful sound of the applause during and after his speech too much, after exercise.

Seehofer is on the one hand, the losers of the past year. The one he wanted as Prime Minister, necessarily prevent him, he is now not only in the state firm succeeded, but also in the party headquarters and he had to leave now, even to the honorary Chairman to propose. That Seehofer has ever survived politically, after all, as the Federal Minister of the interior, on the other hand, a lot about his political Format. In the case of all the errors he has made recently and are more in the category unfortunate than reprehensible, he could be missing the party more than the like to admit it in the Moment. As the work son without a diploma, and as “the heart of Jesus a socialist,” he is a representative of the “bandwidth” to the aims of the CSU is now back in a straight line. The Playful, the Light, the Unpredictable, the has accused him of often, is: the Bavarian. Not least, he had to show it at any time in the cross, the Rest of the Republic, where the Barthel gets the Most: of course in Bavaria.