War crimes in Syria – Cruel deeds which he committed willDer Syrians Anwar R. in Koblenz before the court – as the first stooge of the Assad regime in the world. In his statement he rejects the massive torture allegations of the indictment.Moritz tree stieger Koblenz1 Kommentar1Unter his command should be more than 4000 people have been tortured: The Syrians Anwar R. to court in Germany.Photo: Thomas Lohnes (Reuters)

Anwar R is an attentive listener, already a professional: The former Colonel of the General intelligence Directorate of Syria led the investigation Department 251 of the intelligence service, was at the beginning of the uprising in 2011 in a prison in Damascus for interrogations of protesters, opposition, and arbitrarily detained is responsible. According to the German Federal Prosecutor’s office, extensive violence was used – within a year, should have been tortured under the command of Anwar R. more than 4000 people, of which a minimum of 58 did not survive.

Since the end of April, the first in the world against the henchmen of the Assad regime is made the 57-Year-old and a co-defendant in Germany in the process. Both defendants had sold in the first years of the civil war from Syria, came as asylum seekers to Germany. On the Basis of the so-called world law principle of the German judicial system can be, in the case of war crimes active, even if the act happened in a foreign country and neither the perpetrators nor the victims have the German citizenship.

Neither miss excitation

On the fifth day of the trial before the higher regional court of Koblenz, Anwar R. in fact, now, first of all, what he has learned: He listened attentively to the Translations of witness statements, which reached his ear through headphones. fall His face showed neither miss excitation fall. Even if nuschelnde witnesses of the Arab of the place or the people clutter up the name in the box, he had no expression on his face.

The Details of the asylum procedure of his co-defendant Eyad A., which were dealt with in the morning, should not have interested in Anwar R. already too much, – the member of a gripping commands, the Detained in the prison of Anwar R. brought, had he appreciated so far, none look. But even as his lawyers are calling after the lunch break, his own appearance, he tried from all of the accusations of whitewash, to hear Anwar R. with a petrified expression on his face.

The allegations of inhuman torture and suffering, which were presented by the German Federal Prosecutor’s office in process of opening more than 90 minutes long in most gruesome Details, rejected Anwar R. in its entirety. “I’ve never acted inhuman, I have not committed the acts”, it was Anwar R. to deliver his lawyers. He had even become a refugee, because he “could support the suppression of the demonstrations by the state and wanted to”.

The strategy of Anwar R. is well-known: I was not in charge, but others were – and actually, I wanted to help only.

In his prison, there had been no torture and no chains, no rapes, and no dead, Anwar R. To the possibility that he had helped people who were brought into his prison, to a quick dismissal, to such an extent that it was noticed, his superiors soon. As a result, he had been a Sunni, his skills removed, formally, but in the old Items remained – while officers of the Alawite minority, the rulers of Bashar al-Assad belongs, have led to the actual command.

The strategy, with the help of Anwar R. now the threat of life imprisonment against avert want to try, is well-known: I was not responsible, other it were – and actually, I wanted to help only. The statements of more than a dozen witnesses left to point, Anwar R. in Detail, disagreed about the Size and numbering of cells in his prison, had made Prisoners. At the same time, he argued that other Ex-had emphasized the prisoners, that there is always enough food had been there when he was on duty, and it was given without the usual insults out of it.

Before Anwar R. had finished his nearly two-hour appearance with a General condolences for the conflict in Syria killed fellow citizens, he left, however, is a list of more than 20 witnesses-picked to support his Version of events. The people mentioned here included artists and part of a prominent Assad opponents – after his escape out of the country, R. and Anwar was even a member of the opposition delegations at UN negotiations.

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