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The argument is situated in Texas and at the end of the Civil War, that is, undoubted territory wéstern, very appropriate to the qualities and style of a filmmaker as Greengrass, who has squeezed the action movie of their best scents. And embedded in that territory by tame, but indomitable, multiple ideas, emotions, and purposes that accompany and enrich the main story, that of a man, war veteran and captain of the losing side, who travels with a girl who had been kidnapped by indians Kiowa and the that leads towards the distant house of his uncles, the only relatives alive.

A journey that portrays Greengrass as a social commentary of the time, as a compliment to the essential service of journalism (the man goes from town to town with the latest newspapers, and reading to their inhabitants the news of the world in exchange for a few coins), and as a sketch of the own recosido intimate as the only remedy to restore a nation’s broken. The character played by Tom Hanks is a giant in your thinking, behavior and look, at the height of this actor kindred in grandeur with Spencer Tracy, and the relationship that braid with the blonde girl kiowa (much more than magnificent Helena Zengel) contains a load sensitivity and loyalty without spurting or crap that only the film hard and dry for Greengrass could dilute it well with the brutality of the journey of two souls that are broken.

Atmosphere, surprising moments of light and landscape in warm, peaks of action and wickedness intolerable, valleys of peace and understanding… A wéstern with other air and wheezing, and a wonderful movie .

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