Criticism of Trump – The-Establishment protests their production on well-Known of the Republican party as George W. Bush and Colin Powell are showing their disgust against the US President. Donald Trump has to Worry about it.Hubert Wetzel from Washington0 KommentareDie fathers of the Iraq war: U.S. President George W. Bush and his Secretary of state Colin Powell, in a recording from July 2003. Photo: Charles Dharapak (Keystone/AP)

George W. Bush has made his judgment about Donald Trump on the first day of the term of office. That was on 20. January 2017, shortly after noon. Trump was just in front of the Capitol in Washington as a 45. The President of the United States is sworn in and had set out in a furious speech on how he would make America great. As Bush, the 43. The President of the United States, the spectators left the stands, he muttered: “Well, that was some weird shit.” The adjective “weird” means strange or eerie. The Rest of the sentence is self-explanatory.

so it was no Surprise when the former President a few days ago, know was that he would not support trump’s re-election in November, although both of the same party – the Republicans. Bush was once regarded as a very conservative politician, is after the sharp shift to the right of his party in the past years, but practically in the political center. He is good with the 44. The President and his wife, friends, Barack and Michelle Obama, in which Trump chops are constantly on the move. And the Bush family has forgiven Trump that of those in the Republican pre-election in 2016, the designated heir has been torn to shreds by the dynasty, George’s brother Jeb. The harsh reaction from Trump on the riots after the violent death of the Black George Floyd and his threat to use the military against protesters, have, therefore, only an already full barrel overflow.

Powell elect Biden

But other members of the old Republican party establishment have manifested in the past few days, their abhorrence of Trump and announced to him in the fall not again choose. Colin Powell, for example, once the U.S. General chief of staff and George Bush’s first foreign Minister, said in an Interview that he would vote in November for the Democrats, Joe Biden. Donald Trump had “removed from the Constitution,” and lie too much, criticized Powell.

Now Bush and Powell are no especially influential figures in today’s Republican party, which is dominated almost entirely by Trumpisten. You have no posts, and after all, what you know, you did not vote in 2016 for Trump. You could even say: trump’s win and Jeb Bush’s defeat in the preselection in 2016, was to represent a popping slap in the face to the party’s base for exactly those interventionist and free-trade-friendly Establishment, the people like Bush and Powell. Trump should Worry about that now, suddenly, because of this criticism, many voters turn away from him. Rather the opposite is the case.

It is bitter irony is, if Bush and Powell to accuse the incumbent President whose lies.

in Addition, it is not without a certain bitter irony, when politicians like Bush or Powell to accuse the incumbent President whose lies. When President Bush in 2003, relied on his Minister Powell to sell the world on the Invasion in Iraq. Powell submitted to the UN from the security Council, the alleged evidence for Saddam Hussein’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Trump promised in the election campaign of 2016, he will stop the endless and bloody and expensive wars in the Middle East that began on Bush and Powell. The party base was thrilled.

she is not “sure” whether she supports the President: The Republican U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski from Alaska.Photo: Toni L. Sandys (AP)

Some more Concerns must Trump the resistance to make the active politicians of his party suggests. For example, Lisa Murkowski, Republican Senator from Alaska. After trump’s speech in which the latter had with the use of the regular army threatened said Murkowski, she was “sure” whether the President still support. Perhaps the country should look next Time more closely, “who do we choose”, suggested you.

In the Senate, it could be tight

received support Murkowski of your colleagues Mitt Romney is from Utah, an old enemy Trumps. Thus far the only Republican Senator he has joined the protesters in front of the White house, along with hundreds of Evangelical Christians – one of trump’s most important groups of voters. The photo he tweeted of it, prompted Trump to a spiteful answer. Also, Murkowski got from the President a threat to the course on Twitter. He’ll support any internal party Challenger, the “has a pulse,” wrote Trump.

stand out visually from the President: United States Senator Mitt Romney is wearing in contrast to the President a mask to protect against the Coronavirus. Photo: Jim Lo Scalzoepa (EPA)

The political damage that the Murkowski or Romney, Trump can inflict is limited. Alaska or Utah will not fall in November to the Democrats. But the Senate majority to the Republicans is just, hold only 53 of the 100 seats in the chamber. According to the congressional elections in November, it could be even closer. That’s why any Republican Dissident is a risk. And Trump will not get rid of the two so quickly: Murkowski 2024 until 2022 for re-election, Romney even.

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