With a new study on the critical economic Situation of a large part of the German top athletes will lay the Foundation Deutsche sporthilfe in accordance with the words of its Chairman and CEO, Michael Ilgner of the Finger in a still open wound. With an average monthly income of 1560 Euro and a 56-hour week for sports, as well as a vocational activity or training, so an hourly wage of only 7,41 Euro, could expect to see the Land of his athletes soon, no successes, he warned during the presentation of the Figures in Berlin on Thursday.

Michael Reinsch

a correspondent for sports in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

It is important to show respect for performance and risk-taking. The 1087 athletes, on whose data the study is based, to speak according to Ilgner for almost two-thirds of the German Olympic team at the winter games, and for about three-quarters of those in the summer games. Non – professionals in the Ball, and playing sports are considered winter sports, and exceptionally successful athletes.

Christian Breuer of the German sport University of Cologne, author of the study, attesting to the athletes concerned, the average assets waiver of 58,000 Euro in comparison to the total population. At thirteen years of top-level sport each Athlete place monthly in almost 400 euros, concludes Eberhard Gienger, sports policy spokesman of the Union faction in the German Bundestag and a former gymnastics world champion. This will change the fact that the Confederation of sports allows you to help through a grant of 7 million in the year 2019, increase your Budget to 22 million euros. Currently the aid-funded athletes will receive the sport an average of 550 euros per month. Target thousand, Ilgner says. Also planned is a state contribution to the retirement pension. The SPD member Dagmar Freitag promised, the sports Committee of the Parliament, whose Chairman is the advocate for the athletes.