A quarter of all long-distance trains is late. The miserable balance of the rail is reflected at the S-Bahn and regional trains in the Rhine-Main area. Inevitably, as these trains share the tracks with long distance trains, which have priority to. In this respect, a punctuality rate of the S-Bahn from 92 percent may not be bearable, but explainable. Although this rate is only 82 percent of the contractual agreement of the RMV with the track that a train is considered late if it arrives more than three minutes late.

If the Federal Minister of transport Scheuer do is thrash now on the web guide, passes it, that the policy of the railway over many years on the outstretched Arm starve to death. The original sin of the failed privatisation under Hartmut Mehdorn, and the result was that for years, much to little in the network has been invested. The result is a backlog of repairs, for example, in September on the S-Bahn as follows: failure of the tunnel lighting in Frankfurt, seemed to fracture, interlocking failures, and construction projects.

tale of the hare and the hedgehog

The railway and the RMV can not run everything, but try with various measures to improve the punctuality: interlockings will be modernized, entry-level controllers used on the important Frankfurter platforms, reserve trains leave before the delayed train has arrived.

But it is like in the fairy tale of hare and hedgehog: in The event of faults in the infrastructure are getting faster and negate the acceleration measures. This will also go a long time. Because of the Modernization backlog that has built up in many years, can not be eliminated. In addition, many construction sites, due to the modernization necessary to impede the traffic.