“Crime of the week” – A assassin hunted protects A semi-public professional killer, a black politician, without their Knowledge. Then he himself becomes the hunted, in the political Thriller “The guardian angel” by Jérôme Leroy.Aleksandra Hiltmann0 comment for years he was behind the other. Now Berthet itself in the crosshairs of a killer.Photo: The first set of

Berthet is to be killed.

The book

The Situation is dodgy. Berthet is a Top assassin of the Unité, a super-secret police organization in France. But now he has fallen out of favor: The Unité sends him a Killer on the heels.

Berthet seems to deserve: “He has all his life with nothing other than murder, torture, blackmail, destabilization, Manipulation, rape, mutilation, bombings, and kidnappings of employees.” But Berthet that is not to say, of course, really so, also has another side. It monitors, protects and promotes secretly a young Black, he ran 20 years ago, happened in the Northern French city of Roubaix on the way.

Kardiatou Diop was 14. In the meantime, she mixes as Secretary of state, the political scene in Paris. Also, thanks to the Berthets work as a guardian angel, of which you know nothing.

“The guardian angel” is the name of the equally hard, such as fast-paced Thriller by Jérôme Leroy will have to dig deep in the swamps of French politics and the secret organizations. In his previous novel “The Block”, it went to the handle of the Patriotic Blocks for the Power, a party that is barely encrypted the National Front. In the new Thriller the black socialist Kardiatou will be sent in the case of a mayoral election against a candidate of the leader of the block, the daughter of the founder, into the race.

The novel represents the extreme right-wing tendencies in France’s policy mercilessly in the pillory.

Berthet quickly recognize what is being played: your own circles want Kardiatou in an assassination perish, to then slide the Block in the shoes. This idea, however, is worse than to liquidate Berhet. Because of the now 60-Year-old will do for Kardiatou everything. And his story, his work for the Unité, he is of a writer holding. The notes that “if you write a novel in which it is told honestly what is going on, this novel of crime fiction is”.

It is a gripping novel that provides a clear left-intellectual attitude exposed the extreme right-wing tendencies in France’s policy in the pillory. Wherein Berthets motivations for the support Kardiatous are by no means undoubtedly: “this Was love, this was voyeurism, it was a kind of personal protection? Or was it all at the same time?”

Ultimately, The protection of angels, “as almost every realistic political Thriller is”, also, what a dirty business politics is, actually, always. “It is not a question of whether you are in fact right, if one wants to succeed in politics,” said once, “that would be new, at least.”

The rating originality: ★★★★★voltage: ★★★★☆realism: ★★★★☆Humor: ★★★☆☆overall rating: ★★★★☆The AutorEr sees the crime as a “modern Form” of historiography: Jerome Leroy.Photo: Mollat/Wikimedia

Jérôme Leroy, born in 1964 in Rouen in Normandy, was during around 20 years, French teacher at various schools in the North of France, especially in Roubaix. His first novel, “L’Orange de Malte” (1990) he wrote during his time in the military.

in the Meantime, he published 15 novels, several volumes of poetry and a series of children’s books. The so-called Néo-Polar, the crime as a socio-critical novel, he came through a friend, the writer, Frédéric H. Fajardie, one of the pioneers of the modern French crime fiction. For Leroy the crime literature is now “a modern Form of historiography”.

In his political Thriller “Le Bloc” (2011, English: “The Block”, 2017) is about the seizure of power by the extreme right party in France, as a key novel about the National Front. In this novel, the feature film “Chez nous” (in 2017) by the Belgian Director Lucas Belvaux is based; Leroy worked as well on the script. In English also of his novel “Un peu tard dans la Saison” (in 2017: is the Celts appeared in English: “The Verdun”, 2018). Jérôme Leroy lives in Lille, the major city in the North of France on the border to Belgium.

Jérôme Leroy: “The guardian angel” (Original: “L’ange gardien”, Editions Gallimard, Paris, 2014). From the French by Cornelia Wend. Edition Nautilus, Hamburg 2020. 352 p., 30 Fr.

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