Cowboys-Raiders: Concession worker gets into fight with fan


A concession stand worker leapt over the counter, slipped, and engaged the ticket holder.

The Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving matchup featured both fights on the field and fights off it.

AT&T Stadium fan captured the brawl between a female Cowboys fan and a female worker at a concession stand. To try to stop the brawl, other bystanders joined the fray. The worker at the concession stand jumped over the counter and slipped, then engaged the ticket holder.

Dallas Texas TV posted this video on Thursday.

The cause of the brouhaha is not clear.

AT&T Stadium was not the only activity that took place on Thursday night.

Cowboys Kelvin Joseph, Trysten Hill and Raiders player John Simpson got into a dispute.

After a punt, special teams players from both parties intervened to stop the Joseph-Teamer fight. Hill punched Simpson in the face while the two teams were socializing after the game. Both players had to be separated from one another.

It was very close all the way. Although the Cowboys forced overtime, the Raiders managed to win the game by a score of 36-33. Las Vegas was happy when Daniel Carlson scored the game-winning field goal.