Will the Covid-19 coronavirus ruin your vacation this summer? This is a possibility not to be ignored, informs Ouest-France on its site. The whole country is again facing an epidemic wave – the seventh since the start of the pandemic. The number of SARS-CoV-2 contaminations continues to rise and it is clear that such a situation also impacts hospitals, which are facing a strong influx of new patients. Some departments, for the time being, however, remain less battered than others.

All in all, our colleagues continue, around 70,000 new cases were recorded daily over a week. Such a deterioration of the epidemiological situation is not without concern. Should we expect the return of certain restrictions on French soil? What about wearing a mask, which some ministers now recommend again in closed places (and particularly in public transport)? Remember in this case that some rules have simply not disappeared. They concern the isolation of positive cases and contact cases.

In fact, the vaccination status influences the behavior he is required to have when one is a contact case or positive for covid-19, further underlines the regional daily.

A fully vaccinated individual who has contracted the coronavirus must immediately self-isolate for seven days. However, in the event of a negative PCR test after 5 days, he is entitled to go out again if he has not shown symptoms for at least 48 hours. In the event of an incomplete vaccination pass, the basic isolation period is increased to 10 days, but can be reduced to 7. The same applies to those who have not been vaccinated. Contact cases are no longer subject to isolation rules, regardless of their vaccination status.

In some departments of the country, contracting covid seems more likely than in others. The list in our slideshow below.