It has punctuated our daily life for almost 3 years. The Covid-19 has not yet said its last word. For several weeks, health authorities have been warning about an eighth wave of the epidemic in the country.

In recent days, however, the indicators seem to have started to fall again. But there is no question of letting our guard down: in a press release published on November 2, the Academy of Medicine even believes that “the mask becomes necessary again” as winter approaches.

Without however advocating a return to restrictions on a national scale, the institution recommends that everyone wear a mask in closed public places: the FFP2 for the elderly and frail, the surgical mask for the others.

If for a few weeks, the eighth wave of the epidemic has stabilized, the figures remain high, and the arrival of seasonal viruses raises fears of the saturation, in the long term, of hospitals.

As of November 30, the national incidence rate stood at 305 cases per 100,000 population. On average, 29,230 Covid19 positive cases are sampled each day, indicates the CovidTracker site, specifying that this figure is down 39% compared to last week. The positivity rate, meanwhile, remains high, at 21%.

However, these data should be qualified, because not all departments and all age categories are exposed to the virus in the same way.

According to the latest weekly report from Public Health France, the incidence rate is climbing well above the national average among some French people. Discover the situation, age group by age group, in the following slideshow.