The health crisis is not over yet. For the past few days, France has been facing a rebound in the epidemic. On June 10, 2022, an average of 29,295 Covid-19 positive cases were recorded each day. A number up 30% from the previous week, says Covid Tracker.

Other epidemiological indicators also indicate that the epidemic is indeed gaining ground.

This epidemic resumption is explained in particular by the return to a “normal” life for the French with the end of health restrictions, a relaxation of barrier gestures but also with the spread of Omicron sub-variants: BA.4 and BA .5.

Consequence: we are “at the start of a new wave which could last a month, a month and a half, so until mid-July”, estimates FranceInfo according to the words of epidemiologist Mircea T. Sofonea.

These two sub-variants were discovered earlier this year in South Africa. If they seem to be more contagious than BA.2 on the order of 10%, they are not more dangerous for all that.

In Portugal, BA.5 is in the majority and has already caused a new wave of the epidemic last month. However, “the hospital impact in terms of the number of patients in intensive care, the number of deaths or the number of hospitalizations was relatively low. Nothing to do with the previous waves”, estimates Frédéric Adnet, head of the emergency department of the Avicenne hospital (Seine-Saint-Denis) at the microphone of BFMTV.

At the dawn of this new wave, the number of Covid-19 patients admitted to intensive care is increasing again. “On average, there are 58 critical care admissions for Covid-19 every day”, an increase of 44% compared to last week specifies Covid Tracker.

The whole territory is not yet affected by this resumption of the epidemic. In the slideshow below, find the departments where the occupancy rate in intensive care is at its lowest.