Two more days until the end of summer… And the arrival of autumn. If the change of season announces the coming of raclette and the end of year celebrations, it does however raise fears of a rebound in Covid-19 contamination and a difficult winter.

In its last epidemiological update of September 15, 2022, Public Health warned: “the circulation of SARS-CoV-2 has started to rise again after several weeks of improvement”.

The least we can say is that the figures do not deceive.

A progression which could therefore be worrying for next season, with the possible return of health restrictions.

Planet has produced in the slideshow below the list of departments that are likely to be most in danger this winter (according to data from Geodes and INSEE).

Indeed, according to the figures collected on Géodes, in certain parts of France, there are many positive cases of Covid-19 among young people under the age of 19. The latter would be an important vector of the virus indicates Public Health France. Above all, according to INSEE, the share of young people in these departments can sometimes be substantial.

An increase in cases in this age group could theoretically lead to a rebound in the epidemic next season…