The specter of the eighth wave still hangs over France… 23,137 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in the past 24 hours, an increase of 49.9% over the last 7 days, indicates Public Health. In addition, the “effective R”, i.e. the average number of people likely to be infected by a sick person, is 1.1. Which means the virus is growing.

Last week, the United States accumulated 2,989 deaths and 440,044 new cases of Covid-19, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University, reports 20 minutes… However, the Covid-19 pandemic “would be over “, in this country. In any case, this is what Joe Biden, the President of the United States, said to the American channel CBS. “If you look around you, no one is wearing a mask, and everyone everyone seems to be in pretty good shape, so I think that’s changing.”

However, this is not the case in France. In France, the coronavirus remains far too present, so that in certain departments, the evolution curve of hospitalizations is cause for concern. According to the figures currently published on CovidTracker and dating from September 16, 2022, 19 departments have seen a notable increase in hospitalizations. Should we fear a reconfinement in the fall or in winter, if nothing is done?

Do you live in one of the areas particularly affected by Covid-19? To find out which department is concerned, Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists them, according to CovidTracker.