The decision is the potential omkoopzaak against former riders, Alexander Vinokourov and Alexandr years old before the court of first instance of Liège, will have to be postponed until the 22nd of October. Notification to the office of the clerk of the court of first instance in Liège on Monday.

The ruling had been scheduled for tomorrow morning/on Tuesday, October 7. Too high a pressure, it is the official explanation for the postponement of the verdict for Tuesday, October 22. The two ex-racing drivers are being accused of ” private corruption in the appointments with the gold medal of the wielerklassieker liège-Bastogne-Liège in 2010, and that the name came from I.

The Kazach I and the Russian Join can be suspected to be a agreement made when she was on the 25th of april 2010, only a few hundred meters from the finish in Ans in the the direction of reason in ‘la Doyenne’. I would have been a victory bought at the Join, and give him 150,000 euro are offered to the race is not for you. The study did, on the facts of corruption, on the basis of mutual exchanges between the two riders, and on the contributions of the 100,000 and 50,000 euros, in July and december of 2010.

now, Against, I demanded the public prosecutor’s office to a term of imprisonment of six months and a fine of up to 100,000 euros. To Join the public prosecutor’s office to a term of imprisonment of six months, a fine of up to eur 50 000, and the confiscation of more than 150,000 euros in Swiss bank accounts to be seized.

The lawyers of the two accused persons, the masters and Lodomez, and Reynders, asked for the acquittal. They found that the accusations of corruption are not credible.