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a court investigating a case of assault against a schooljuf of Goods. Unknown pulled out of last week Thursday, on the street, and two times with a heavy object out of the woman, which is just as consciousness is lost.

the teacher is the victim of indiscriminate violence, or was the perpetrator of a target? Or is there anyone who has it on her after? There are still a lot of unanswered questions about what happened last week, Thursday morning was played out on the streets, in the vicinity of the Audenhovenlaan, a typically busy road of the city centre Is connected to the Hotel. The target was made at around 7.20 pm, to walk to school, public School (VBS) to The director along with the Hanswijkstraat.

“Suddenly I felt a blow on my shoulder, and I was falling,” said the woman, who prefers to remain anonymous. “In view of the injury should be a major subject here. I was wearing a jacket and a scarf, and even had an impact on my body is visible in the dark.” When the woman in the first upright position to get hauled to the attacker for a second time. The schooljuf lost even the consciousness, but she was still taking the school to achieve it. Right away, the emergency services are notified of the outcome. In the meantime, get the schooljuf home to some of the aggression.

incapable of working.

“The injuries appear to be, it could have been worse, to be able to end”, say From Sixteen, the managing director of the group Generator 7, where VBS is The practical Guide forms a part. “However, the facts also do not underestimate the mental impact. Up to the end of the month is ms incapable of working. We have to live with her, and try to find the best possible coaching experience.”

as for the school community, the facts are hard to the inside. “That’s why we have remote assistance enabled in order to re-group and talk about it. If you need to, you can also provide individual guidance”, it could be that. The executive director stressed that the victim’s loved at school, and the professionalism of the day and year. “For us, it’s a surprise that this has happened. We hope soon to know”, what it sounds like. The schooljuf says no-one at odds to be alive.

Witnesses sought for.

in the Meantime, the ku Leuven public prosecutor, by the police in this case. “In the interest of the research on the matter, nothing is lost”, says the politiewoordvoerder. People will now be all the runs examined in order to find out what happened. For the moment, no witnesses have been reported. Might bring a camera and/or telefoononderzoek help. Who’s that Thursday morning, around 7 am, something suspicious has been noticed in the Audenhovenlaan Units are kindly requested to contact the police.