as A housekeeper, and her husband is in the British city of Coventry couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw that they two times the jackpot for the lottery game Thunderball win. And that’s a mistake.

Then Philip Say, both are 65 years of age, had for at least 25 years old to join the lottery. And again, with the same data. However, she had never been more than £ 10, or about 11 € for team.

now That’s a little different. After Then, accidentally, two ticketjes had bought it with the exact same data, it turned out to be the winning numbers to go for. Consequently, she has won the jackpot of a lifetime. Due to the rules of the lottery game Thunderball was given to the couple to effectively double the winning amount. As a result, they are now £ 1 million, or approximately 1.16 million euros richer.

Then it stopped for now with her job as a cleaning lady, and is now gradually reaching plans for the future to make up for it with her husband. “We still have to let it drop,” she says. “We have nothing new was purchased. Presumably, the bulk of the money will go to the family and to buy a new car, go on.”

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for More on the National Lottery, the EuroMillions jackpot of 190 million euros in the so Sector is willing to – (deelse) reclamestop Prize in EuroMillions has a maximum, and that it has not gone unnoticed: “A lot of money, isn’t it” you can Play along with the Euromillions lottery? Thus, the chances that you have of 188 million euros to win