Corsica attracts many tourists every summer. On average, 2.5 million people go to the Isle of Beauty in July and August, as indicated by Europe 1, to take advantage of its Mediterranean climate and its landscapes worthy of a postcard.

For the locals, these visitors are too numerous, especially in certain emblematic tourist sites of the region which are very popular with tourists. The Assembly of Corsica has therefore proposed the establishment of annual quotas of human attendance from July 2022.

The objective: to fight against this overfreqentation phenomenon. The measure was adopted unanimously by the nationalists at the head of the region. Here are the three places that will be affected in the coming weeks:

Concretely, this measure will result in a limitation of the reception capacities of these three sites.

With regard to the Lavezzi Islands, the number of visitors will be limited thanks to the establishment of a reservation system to access the archipelago. Will be accepted: “2,000 people maximum present simultaneously on the land part of the island, holders of an authorization”, reports Le Figaro. Beyond this summer, this measure provides for “200,000 maximum visitors between 2022 and 2026” on the site.

On the other hand, several people will not be included in these quotas as indicated by the national daily.

If you want to visit one of these sites in the coming weeks, remember to book as soon as possible, especially this summer. Indeed, Corsican residents should have priority over reservations. A provision tested this year “in order to avoid any discriminatory slippage”, specifies Le Figaro.