Correos will assess the knowledge of English and Arabic in the next call of 3.421 squares


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Post has presented the unions with a draft of the bases of the next convening of public employment where it is offered 3.421 plazas, you will appreciate the possession of a university degree and, for the first time, the knowledge of English and Arabic when they did not even require the co-official languages. CC.OO. and UGT, main trade unions in this public company, they report that the bases are “abusive” and that can leave thousands of casual, up to 30 years old, in “out of game”.

For both unions, Post -presided by Juan Manuel Serrano, who was head of Cabinet for Pedro Sanchez – wants to give an excessive weight to the university degrees, weighing up to 5 points -30, which is estimated to the phase of merits-, the half of the score of 10 points given to any of, for example, 20 or 30 years old.

The intention of Postal rate knowledge of languages-English for all candidates peninsula and the island, and Arabic for the candidates of Ceuta and Melilla-, with the proposal to perform 10 questions about these languages with a maximum score of 2 points over 30, “something quite incomprehensible if it falls on the account that the English is promptly necessary only in tourist areas specific throughout the national territory, with very low impact on the Post offices, not to speak of the arab that assumes even lower percentages”, according to the unions. At the same time, it does not require the co-official languages.

The trade unions explain that the lack in training of the company in terms of languages must be covered by training workers in the specific areas where required, with courses of adaptation and not “occurrences” that will influence thousands of candidates with a lot of seniority in the company, placing this merit above his path in the company and devaluing its opportunities.

CC.OO. and UGT consider that it is “an outrage” that a university degree compute more to be fixed in Post that the training provided by the company-which is assigned a maximum value of 3 points, when the Post da training courses of specific competences in terms of products and processes orders, something that, obviously, does not form part of the training programmes of the university degrees. On the other hand criticize that Post devalues the training of its employees, by which it receives State grants for training programs that train the worker to exercise their functions in the company.

These unions believe that the draft of the bases presented to you by Post “bordering on illegality”, with the standard “clearly excessive and own examinations of higher levels, and non-operational positions”, which opens up a dangerous path that thousands of candidates “can discuss and more after you have attended the ‘pucherazo’ the previous process by the possible interference on the note of the court’s examination of consolidation 2017-2018, with potential implications in criminal cases, which is pending resolution in court.”