Coronavirus in the United States – protests provide “the perfect environment for the spread of the Virus”Corona pandemic in the United States continues to smoulder: 14 States have reported since the beginning of June to new highs. And in the train of the Anti-racism protests, a new infection wave.Martin Kilian , Washington0 comments”Supported apartments, not policemen”: the Demonstration in New York.Photo: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/light rocket/

The Corona-pandemic is almost over, it goes back to normal again: So it would like the government to Trump the Americans believe. Remaining restrictions are to be eased, the economy and public life, in good time before the election date in November back in the mood.

but the outbreak is not in the least: While in many European countries, the case dramatically dropped numbers in the last few weeks, you move in the USA continue at a high level. Although the number of infections went in first, have been particularly hard hit cities such as New York, Detroit, and New Orleans ‘ strong back. Since the beginning of June, but 14 States, including Texas, California, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona, recorded their highest weekly average.

“The Virus is widespread,” warned recently, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. Since Saturday day were reported between 17 000 and 23’000 new Infections. The increase reflects, in part, the significantly increased number of Corona-testing, around three million per week. Worries US experts, however, increased admissions to hospitals, as well as outbreaks in the poorer rural regions in the U.S. South.

as feared, the protests and demonstrations might be up to after the death of the African-American George Floyd, the number of new infections further up. The protests offered “a perfect environment for the spread of the Virus,” said Anthony Fauci, the Director of the Institute for Infectious diseases in the national health service NIH.

Demos in a confined space

tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in the past two weeks, often in a confined space. Increased risks have been measures by the Police: The use of tear gas and pepper spray, resulted in many protesters coughing fits, often they were driven also by police officers closely. “A Person can infect hundreds, and who took part in a Protest should be test”, recommended that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Already, the cities of Athens, Georgia and Lawrence, Kansas have become known in the University, in isolated cases, infection of the cases in the Wake of the protests. Sun light, humidity and higher temperatures could prevent a contagion shaft perhaps, only in one to two weeks but is about clarity.

Donald Trump wants to move on, meanwhile, as quickly as possible to the agenda: Because of the state of North Carolina to pay in the face of rising Infection for the Alignment of the Republican party tags at the end of August in Charlotte to conditions imposed, to avoid the President is now on a different venue. According to him, is to hold the mass event as unmolested of Corona limitations.

his performances in front of thousands of followers wants to take Trump back soon. Experts warn, however, against new outbreaks of the disease in the USA: in the coming Winter, the number of Corona could rise-victims, which is currently at 110’000 to 200’000.

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