corona pandemic raging in the world of conspiracy theories of virus origin have spread almost as wild.

the corona virus is the alleged escape of some biological weapons development lab. Virus to conquer the world is alleged also someone state salajuonena was.

the Rumors left to spread, when the virus genome was analyzed at the beginning of January. The virus genome view of the same parts as aids caused by HIV virus. It was, however, in many other virus from the genome part.

Nature Medicine (switch to another service) -released california the Scripps Research Institute of infectious diseases researcher Kristian Andersen compiled by an international group of article, which explains the virus genome survey. Group so eloluutio biologists like virus research.

Andersen group, trying to figure out whether the virus actually escaped from the laboratory. If the virus was such, its genome would be a mix of existing viral dna.

the corona virus is shown in blue spheres of electron microscope images.AFPKaiken behind was a pangolin

Quite quickly it became apparent that the virus not people’s handwriting. Studies find, however, strange fragments of virus dna.

They had detected recently for the animal known as the pangolin. Such suomupeitteisiä critters are sold alive, the chinese animal markets.

the researchers compared their bats and muurahaiskävyn of the were found in corona virus is now spreading from human to human than the corona virus. These comparisons on the basis they concluded that the virus originated in animals and laboratories.

This also supports for the corona virus, characteristic of the protection mechanism, which prevents a person’s own immune system from destroying the body invasive virus.

This stuff has been used as source of science news article: Well, the coronavirus wasn’t made in a lab. A genetic analysis shows it’s from nature (you move to another service)

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the corona virus got on the internet scaremongers and conspiracy theorists mobilized

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