Infection after loosening Corona outbreak to Meet in a restaurant shortly after the re-opening of the Restaurants and cafes, several people in a restaurant in lower Saxony. In Frankfurt there are Corona-Infected after a Church service. nih/sda0 KommentareDas the Restaurant “Old barn” in Moormerland. Photo: DPA

After visiting a restaurant in lower Saxony, several people have been tested positive for the Coronavirus. Including the owner of the bar is. The district considers it likely that the people have been infected in the restaurant attached. “The infections are probably in connection with a visit to a Local” shared with the County. Accordingly, the Department of health from Tuesday to Friday were informed of seven positive findings, which relate to each other. “These new cases have led to that already in place for a minimum of 50 persons as a precautionary measure, home quarantine has been arranged.” Further test results are pending.

For the operator of the restaurant “Old barn” in the municipality of Moormerland in the circle is Empty, the development is fatal. For months, he had renovated the Restaurant and on the opening prepared, as he told the German press Agency. The first evening should include 40 selected guests, including representatives of companies that had supported him. The owner was initially as a cook in the kitchen. Later, he joined according to their own information to the guests, with you toast. The distance and hygiene rules had been complied with, says the man who doesn’t want to read his name in the media.

The Hotel and restaurant Association reacts dismayed

in the Meantime, he has four guests, who were tested as positive. In the case of three friends of him the Virus has been also detected. If the Virus is on the 15. May have spread at the opening night for supporters in his pub, he did not know. It is also possible that the people have before or after the evening infected. A Party was not the night for sure, but a kind of test run for him and his Team. Because the next day the Restaurant opened on a regular basis.

The Hotel and restaurant Association Dehoga responded dismayed. A spokeswoman said NDR 1 lower Saxony, the sanitation and distance of concept, I developed the Association, were new infections in Restaurants is actually not possible.

as a Precaution

From the point of view of lower saxonys Minister of health of the newly encountered infections in the district show Empty once more, that the Virus is not defeated. closed “It’s still there and we need to continue to be very vigilant in order not to endanger the huge progress of the last few weeks.” She called on all to take the situation continues to be serious and to keep the distance and hygiene rules, as well as the measures applicable to the contact restriction. “In particular, in places where more traffic is possible, it is for all of us to be extra careful and prudent.”

The “Old barn” has closed the operator as a precaution. After his quarantine he wants on 4. June re-open. “Assuming all the Tests are negative,” he said. “I want to play it safe.” In order to reduce the risk of Infection, it needs from his point of view, more Tests. A guest of the Evening could not immediately test, he would have been aware of his infection, it’s probably nothing, tell that to the owners. This guest was due to it, the other infections were discovered.

Several of the faithful were infected. Photo: keystone more than 40 Corona-Infected to worship

It is not the only case, who on Saturday headlines. So infected after a worship service in a congregation of Baptists in Frankfurt, more than 40 people with the Coronavirus. The head of the health Department of the city of Frankfurt informed. “The vast majority of them are not sick. To our knowledge, only one Person is in a hospital.” The Vice-Chairman of the Association of the municipality of the gospel Christians-Baptists, Vladimir Pritzkau, it was assumed that six victims are in hospitals.

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