Corona in Spain – Well, the women should have to blame seinBei of the mass event at the beginning of March many of the Spanish women infected. But it is the only major occasion that took place.Sebastian Schoepp1 Kommentar1Ist controversial today: mass inertia on women’s day in Madrid. Photo: Alvaro Hurtado/

virus spreader or not? In Spain the dispute over the mass event is for international women’s day on 8. March to the state affair. More than 100’000 people moved at that time to the beginning of the Corona pandemic, Madrid, hugged each other, debated fiercely and distributed kisses, as was to Covid-19 in Spain is so common.

Now, the justice point determined on the display of a citizen, whether the socialist-led government has failed in their duty, as they approved the event, although one can know that an increased risk of Infection was assumed. The focus of the investigation of judge Carmen Rodríguez-Medel the government delegate in the Region of Madrid, which approved the Demonstration, as well as the Minister of health stand.

accusations against the Guardia Civil

The media called the conservative jurist, is based on investigations by the Guardia Civil. The police unit had investigated how the event could be approved despite the warnings of a pandemic. However, in this investigation there is doubt. The Left claims that the Guardia Civil have identified amateurish. Last week, Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska dismissed inside the Madrid chief of police unit, Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos. He had no confidence in him.

Pérez de los Cobos is seen by many on the Left with suspicion. He coordinated the harsh police operations to the forbidden independence referendum in Catalonia, 2017. Supposedly, the police should hand over the Colonel now refused, the Minister of the files had been intended for the justice. The conservative Opposition foamed and threw Grande-Marlaska abuse of power. They strongly called for his resignation, which the latter refused to do.

Three of the Ministers of tested inside and the wife of the Prime Minister have been positive.

The event to mark women’s day, the topic of debate since the months par excellence in Spain. The Opposition accuses the left-left government, they have approved the event only from opportunism towards feminism. A few days later three Ministers were inside and the wife of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez a positive effect on the Virus tested. They were all part of that March in the international women’s day on the Front line. Chief virologist, Fernando Simón, however, had expressed no concerns about the big rally. He is up to now you have had to the high infection rate in Spain, there is no sustainable impact.

The government accuses the Opposition of hypocrisy, because women’s day was by no means the only mass event on the last weekend before imposing one of the strictest in the alarm States of the world. In Madrid was played in front of 60’000 spectators for football, in Valencia, is celebrated for the extreme-right party Vox held a party with approximately 1000 participants. Days later it became known that three members of the Vox leadership had been infected with the Virus.

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