Corona-cases in China, Beijing responded with a massive restrictions on new outbreak in The Chinese capital, reports dozens of new infections. As a starting point, the main food wholesale market in Asia is. Almost 100’000 people are to curb the epidemic is in use.0 comment security official measure of people Queuing in front of a hospital in Beijing for Covid Tests, the temperature of the body. (15. June 2020)Keystone

Beijing pushes with far-reaching security measures to prevent a new outbreak of the Coronavirus. In the past four days, the administration reported 79 new infections, once in China’s capital for almost two months no more had been established. As a starting point, the main food wholesale market in Asia is. “The security effort has quickly reached a level such as in times of war,” said Xu Ying, a senior authorities representative, on the Monday before the press. In the meantime, nearly 100’000 employees to control the epidemic, were in use.

In several of the city’s restrictions were districts were re-introduced. The closure of schools and sports fields, continuous security checks, and body temperature measurements, in shopping malls and offices. In addition, tens of thousands of people Corona had to pull-Tests. The inhabitants were called, to avoid crowds.

Much bigger than the fish market in Wuhan

In some residential quarters of government employees, even went from house to house, to Connections to the sights on the large market to find out Xinfadi. There are thousands of tons of vegetables and fruits are traded daily. The Area covers an area of almost 160 football pitches and is so much bigger than the fish market in the city of Wuhan, where according to present knowledge, the first Virus outbreak, his output took.

To Xinfadi adjacent and a further quarter in Beijing on lockdown have been. A complete Lockdown was, however, in none of the 16 districts of the capital. In other country, the authorities have warned before traveling to Beijing and arranged, in some cases, quarantine for people from the capital into the country goods. Beijing in turn points to Europe. From there, the market outbreak of the Virus came to the Xinfadi-may, said on Sunday a Epidemologe of the city administration and referred to a DNA analysis.

New type

The new Coronavirus outbreak is fuelling the fear of a second wave in China. According to Chinese health authorities, the Virus is different to the Xinfadi market of the tribe, which has triggered a worldwide pandemic. As Zeng Guang, an epidemiologist of the Department of health, reported according to the “Global Times”, it could be a previously unknown Mutation of the original Sars-CoV-2 Virus.

Whether the type of virus identifies new properties, is unknown. The results of the investigation will now be used to analyses from other countries compared to the origin of the pathogen to establish. However, it is normal that the genetic material of the virus mutates with time, and new sub-types.

officials in Beijing released

The renewed spread of the Virus also has human consequences. Three officers had to vacate their Posts for misconduct in office, as the state news Agency Xinhua reported on Monday. According to the report, it is, among other things, Zhou Yuqing, the Deputy head of the district government in the district of Fengtai, and Wang Hua, the party Secretary of the municipality of Huaxiang in Fengtai. Also, Zhang Yuelin, the General Director of the Xinfadi wholesale market, was dismissed.

On Monday, the Beijing health Commission of the country reported payments far 49 new infections, of which 10 are “imported” cases of Sars-CoV-2 in the case of travellers and 39 local infectious. Of the domestically-transmitted cases, 36 of which are in Beijing and three were registered in the neighbouring province of Hebei, all of which were associated with the outbreak on the wholesale market in connection.

this weekend, the Covid-19 crisis staff of the capital had announced that the screening of cargo and travelers at the port of entry intensify, in order to prevent further spread of the Virus. China has, since March, anyway no normal visas to foreigners and restricted the entry of returning Chinese. International flights are very limited. Also Corona required Tests, as well as 14 days of quarantine.

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