Corona-belittling in the USA – Everything is wonderful!In spite of all the whitewashing that the Coronavirus continues to spread in the United States. A control of the pandemic will be of political as well as economic reasons, hardly more.Martin Kilian, Washington0 KommentareUS-President Donald Trump is a master of trivialization. Photo: Stefani Reynolds/Keystone

The chief of the pandemic will be maintained at the “Smoldering”, the Deputy speaks of “temporary” outbreaks, which they will quickly. Donald Trump and Mike Pence may not be a master of belittling, really rosy, but the Corona is the Situation in the United States. Although the death figures are, in 18 States, but the number of reported cases has increased.

At the start of the week Pence appeased in a telephone circuit with governors nonetheless, The infection rates reflected only the increased Corona-Tests, everything is wonderful. A data analysis of the “Washington Post”, however, came to a different conclusion: In 6 countries, the infection rate increased, although less, was tested in a further 14 countries the number of cases is growing faster than the test rate.

Trump is a bad example

are Still being reported on some days the country more than 20’000 new infections, in Federal States, such as Alabama, Oregon and Arizona hospitals reported increased admissions due to Corona disease. US-experts have noted with concern that the pathogen is spreading, particularly in the South and southwest of the country, the Trump Administration, and some of the governors want to move as quickly as possible to normality. Because the only way the economy could come in good time before the elections in November again.

warnings are thrown to the Wind, even the protective mask is mandatory in some places, as an outrageous attack on the freedom of the individual is felt. Donald Trump is setting a bad example: On the weekend of the President in Tulsa, in the state of Oklahoma wants to be finally live on trailers, 19’000 visitors are expected in the tightest of spaces.

The Trump Fans had to pre-write that you will not be lawsuits in the case of an infection before the court, the protection of masks and Social Distancing, however, are mandatory for the major event in Tulsas Bok Arena. Not only the chief of the local health authority is appalled, even the rather conservative newspaper “Tulsa World” was in an editorial that “nothing” was on the President’s visit “is good for the city”. On Tuesday, the health authority recommended of Oklahoma, visitors to the event should be previously tested for the Virus.

The right-wing media will follow him

Trumps fan club at the right-wing media welcomed, however, in the event that The President should be not from “Covid-drivel” deter, blared Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Monday and beat and also to Anthony Fauci, the head of the Department for infectious diseases at the National Institute of health: Fauci was part of the “medical Deep State”, his warning against further infections, thus, politically motivated.

Not only the renowned virologist is followers of Trumps as Kassandra and economic pest decried: In several States, managers and staff of local health offices have been threatened, in part massive, because they were against a hasty relaxation of the Corona pads. Experts such as Scott Gottlieb, the former head of the food and drugs authority, the FDA may still fades to be concerned about the location on the virus front, your influence but.

Despite all the whitewashing, the number of dead is expected to rise in the autumn of probably 150’000, alone in U.S. nursing homes are now died at least 40’000 older people on the Coronavirus. The public life and the economy new limit, for political reasons, however, not possible. Neither Donald Trump nor governors, such as Gregg Abbott in Texas, Brian Kemp in Georgia or Ron DeSantis, Florida would join.

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