For many years, Corinne and Gilles Bénizio, better known as Shirley and Dino, made the whole of France laugh. The two French artists had met with growing success thanks to Patrick Sébastien’s show, Le Plus Grand Cabaret du monde, broadcast on France 2.

The couple had met on the benches of the University of Censier. They passed the ring on their finger in 1985 before becoming parents of two children: Elisa and Raphaël. From the end of the 1980s, they participated in the first parties of artists including the show of Maxime Le Forestier or Marc Jolivet. It was not until the 2000s that they managed to climb to the top of the bill before finding success on Patrick Sébastien’s show.

But against all odds, in 2010, Corinne and Gilles Bénizio finally decide to hang up. “The soul of Shirley and Dino is there, but the characters, their costumes, the Vichy dress is over. We no longer wanted”, they had declared to our colleagues from La Provence in August 2022 and to continue : “We didn’t want to be less good and tire people. (…) We put them in a retirement home to do something else (…) Now we have time to do opera and we like it a lot We like to stage, it changes.”

Planet invites you to discover them in photos in our slideshow.