that’s what this video series

recipe 1: The 65 °C Egg / Onsenei

A water bath at 65 °C preheat and the eggs in there for an hour to cook. As the egg serve. The egg whites will still be gorgeous, by the way, the Yolk is creamy.

the path to The Onsenei: yolk of the egg shell out and strikeout, so that the consistency is recognizable, just with salt and serve. The stainless version is garnished with caviar.


recipe 2: The frozen Egg

eggs in the freezer overnight to freeze, then peel, and the stable form of the “raw” cross out the yolk.

restore From the egg white of a beaten egg white and serve.


learning effects:

egg yolk as an Emulsion, the structure of egg yolk into Plasma, Granules, lipoproteins HDL and LDL, denaturation temperatures of the various yolk proteins, the possible consistency of variations and textures of the egg Yolk.

Creamy “Onsenei”States in the case of coking in the temperature range between 64 °C and 68 °C, and the “Gel” of the egg Yolk under refrigeration during Freezing (-18 °C) for 3 – 4 hours. Biological function of HDL – and LDL-particles in the yolk, as Protein and fat supply for the developing chick, as the first source of food.