It is the end ! The audiovisual license fee has not existed since August 2022, informs Ouest France, since the adoption in parliament of the amending finance bill. And the least we can say is that it will make people happy.

Because, “it is 23 million households which have a television set or a similar device” which will be exempt from it, indicates the site of the Public Service. In total, this “royalty” amounted to €138. Enough to weigh down the portfolio of households in France in 2022.

However, it was thanks to the contribution to public audiovisual or CAP that companies in this same sector, such as France Télévisions, Radio France, Arte and many others, were financed. In 2020, it brought in up to 3.8 billion euros, according to the general direction of public finances, reports Les Echos.

From September, a refund of the tax share will be made for all “households who have subscribed to the monthly payment for the housing tax and the fee and who are already completely exempt from the housing tax” , informs West France. In addition, 6.2 million households are affected.

To save a few euros, monthly households still paying part of the housing tax will see the amount of the fee subtracted from this tax during this fall.

This still concerns 20% of French people today. Why subtract the housing tax in particular? Because these two taxes are levied jointly.

Other taxpayers will simply not have to pay this fall.