With the demolition of the tradition of stand-up place-backstretch of the SV Darmstadt 98 has started on Monday the biggest step to a new stadium. By the end of next year, a covered grandstand with Seating and Standing places.

The standing places should be there from the beginning of the next season. The cost is currently around 19 million euros. Thereafter, the main grandstand is to be built, which is calculated with up to 22 million euros.

lilies: tag is essential

the Lord mayor Jochen Partsch (Green party) recalled that the first Considerations for a new stadium in front of five and a half years have been taken with a feasibility study – at a time when the club stood in front of the descent in the fourth League. Many of the elements that would have identified the previous stadium, were preserved. But above all, the Arena will stay at the ancestral place.

lilies, managing Director of Michael Weilguny reiterated that a tag is essential, to be able to in the future in professional football games. The club had taken over the stadium at the beginning of the year in long-term lease from the city that wants to participate with up to € 21 million in total construction costs.