the Three candidates to do so is ultimately up to the leadership of the socialists. Is Conner From only the Flemish language, and supported by the leadership of the party, by far the largest contender. None of the other socialist and some notoriety was called upon to take the party out of the doldrums to pull out. SP.A state is at an all-time low, with around 10 per cent in the last election. According to the polls, the bottom has not even been reached.

His opponents run, are less known to the general public And The Male, the former director of the network movement, and the Entry of the’l Van der Post is a member of the Antwerp-based group, “” We are socialists’. They, too, have received the required three chapters to have their name in the hat to be disposed of.

the Current president, John Crombez shows in the us, the presidency will pass without a single word to say to you. Even now, he holds the jaws firmly together. The room is said to be that they are just as they don’t interfere with the course of the game. That is a matter for his successor.

At 8 november, that the successor should be known. As for the SP.A new perspective by now, no one is a majority, and there will be a candidate, and there will be a second round.

for More about Conner From Suddenly, however, a third candidate for chairman of the be Sometimes, it gives the opponent to tv debate to the present, Where the SP.The A really stands for, and is greater than the change of seasons, and no one even knows Conner From the unidentified man in his twenties who is a SP.To get to the young. At eleven, he had already been prime minister