IN THE SP.A party leader in the Flemish Parliament Conner], Which requires that the Flemish government should take the initiative to the cancelled united nations summit on climate change in Chile, and here in Belgium are organized. “If the government is serious about the climate change issue firmly on the political agenda need to stand up, this is a great opportunity to get the north as a region on the map,” says Rousseau.

The international united nations climate change conference was from 2 to 13 december to be held in the Chilean capital city of Santiago. However, due to the ongoing social protests in Chile, the government set up there in the top of your computer.

IN THE SP.A party leader], Which will now be the prime minister of Flanders: Jan Ham and ask for one to take the initiative for the cancelled top-up here to organize. “We have to be international, the urgent need for a step bijsteken about the climate and practical solutions. Solutions for the working people to pay for, but they are the real polluters. The climate is important, so that you don’t do it. It is a time in Flanders there was now, for her shoulders to turn,” says Rousseau.

for More about Conner From The younger challengers in the SP.(A, CD&V and Open VLD: “I was such a big mouth you have, do I need to just do it,” Conner], Which is in poleposition for the presidency in the SP.A Suddenly, however, a third candidate for chairman of the be Sometimes, it gives the opponent to tv debate to the present