Conflict, the nuclear powers – Indian soldiers in the case of confrontation with China’s military killed India reports the death of three soldiers. The collision, the situation is likely to worsen in the border region of Ladakh further. 0 comment Chinese and Indian frontier soldiers: A deadly confrontation in Ladakh is likely to increase the tensions between the two countries. Reuters

Three Indian soldiers have been killed according to the Indian army in a violent confrontation with Chinese soldiers.

The incident had taken place accordingly, on Monday night in the disputed border region of Ladakh in the Himalayas. High-ranking military representatives of the two neighbouring countries would meet on Tuesday to defuse the Situation, it was said.

Between the two nuclear powers with the largest populations in the world, there is currently increased tension. Last had met, for this reason, high-ranking military officials of both sides. In recent incidents between the troops of both sides, there had been several injured.

China and India had led in 1962, a brief war on their border in the Himalayas, the China won. Since then, there are always incidents. The border is still not clarified. US President, Donald Trump had recently offered to mediate in the conflict, what they wanted neighboring countries.


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