The manufacturer of components for solar power plants, SMA Solar, also expects, despite the difficult market situation and a weak business in China in the new year with a higher turnover.

After this had declined in the past year due to a strong price pressure, according to preliminary Figures by around 15 percent to 761 million euros, he is supposed to 2019, with 800 to 880 million Euro approach closer to the level of 2017.


SMA Solar relies on a positive market development in Europe and America, as well as a re-tighten of the storage market. In addition, the order intake of this talk, that project developers and investors to implement increasingly large-scale photovoltaic projects.

The operating profit to between 20 and 50 million euros. 2018 provisions for the company’s conversion resulted in an operating loss of 67 million euros. The now-called gross margin, is still far below the nearly 100 million euros, which was generated by SMA Solar 2017.

On the stock exchange, the messages were well received and The share price rises by more than 11 percent in 19,47 EUR. It is, therefore, the highest level since the beginning of December, as the exchange rate rose for two days of about 18.50 to more than 22 Euro.

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The strong price movement on Thursday but is in relation to the negative Trend of the previous year, it is barely noticeable. In may 2018, the share is still more than 60 euros has been paid.

The share price was in the past five years, is already very volatile. Rapid rate in a severe decline followed increases also. Therefore, however, it is possible that a significant, but probably temporary, recovery.

Because, as the forecasts for 2019 planned recovery to a unsure of how the large Margins. But also the projections themselves do not approach in the most favourable case, the better of the years 2015 to 2017. The environment continues to be difficult, but has recovered to 2018.