The rescue teams want to find the in Spain on Sunday in a 100-Meter deep shaft that disappeared, and two years of “before Monday”. That is the goal, but there are a lot of uncertainties, said on Friday evening in front of journalists the speaker of the helper, Ángel García Vidal. The construction engineer said, the complicated nature of the terrain at the accident site in Totalán in Málaga province, office of the assistant always new challenges, “the delay the Work further”.

From the little Julen, there was, meanwhile, no sign of life. The Small is supposed to be like on Sunday during a trip with his family to the country in the hole that has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters. In the case of camera shots, was discovered in the shaft on Monday at a depth of almost 75 meters of a bag of candy that Julen had. However, loose earth and prevented, with the camera deeper.

After several changes of plan and wanted to run the rescue teams on Friday with a drill a rescue tunnel that is perpendicular to the shaft. However, by the evening they had still not start work with the Hole. Several Shovels were deployed to the hilly terrain level, so that the disassembled in two Parts, 75-ton drilling machine with semi-trailers to the shaft. In addition, people were concerned more with the establishment of a platform for the stabilization of the drill.

rough terrain

the head of the rescue teams and politicians stressed to the media, you do not need to act carefully, to put the lives of the helpers and especially of the child. They are working on a very narrow, very uneven space. The floor of the 352-metre-high hill of Corona, about 15 kilometres North-East of the coastal city of Málaga was part of a very hard Rock, but it is also unstable.