The supply of long-distance bus services is on the rise – but the tickets are less affordable. They cost so much since release to the Market six years ago, as an analysis by the market research Institute Iges. Per passenger and kilometre, the provider made at the end of last year, 10.7 per Cent of turnover. The normal price per km 0.8 cents higher than a year earlier. Thus, the average ticket price increased for a distance of some 600 kilometers – which corresponds roughly to the route from Berlin to Munich – just under five euros. In these Figures, fees for additional Luggage, reservations or revenue from the sale of food are taken into account.

Despite the rise in the price of the bus remains significantly cheaper than the train, although the journey times are often longer. Market researchers have seen that the Bus-vendor to adjust their prices similar to the airlines of the demand and to increase revenues. The action prices, however, remained in the past years, a fairly constant and fluctuated between 3.6 and 4.3 cents per kilometre.

At the same time, the total supply grew according to the Iges again.By the end of 2018, there were 287 lines, after this had amounted to a longer time constant between 240 and 250. Also, the number of trips per week, reaching 3328 the highest level in two years. This includes Strikes carried out in the rail and Ryanair.