“Dear Class of 2020” – closing ceremony with Obama, no solemn ceremony in front of friends and families, for a multi-hour Live Event, with Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Michelle and Barack Obama: this year’s College and high school graduates were honored with a Online Party of a different kind.0 comments

Serenade from Alicia Keys and Katy Perry, tips from Taylor Swift and Beyonce and wise words of Michelle and Barack Obama: Because most of the graduation parties at high schools and Colleges in the United States due to the restrictions in the Coronavirus pandemic had to be cancelled, Celebrities and politicians congratulated the graduates with an Online ceremony. “You have something Remarkable has been achieved”, said the singer Alicia Keys, after the opener had played on Sunday (local time) via YouTube, out of the four-hour Show broadcast the New York Philharmonic orchestra, together with singer Lizzo the traditional graduation parties listed in the “Pomp and Circumstance”March.

“It was a tough week, a tough month and a tough year, and I don’t know that it feels right now, as there is much to celebrate,” said singer Keys, who announced himself as all Participants via pre-recorded Video message to word, more. “But it is OK if you are just not OK to feel.”

The United States are affected by the Coronavirus pandemic is particularly strong. In addition, there is since days of mass demonstrations against racism and police brutality after the death of the African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis. “You don’t think of your time in school, but to Demonstrate and Protest,” said Keys. “And since I feel for you. The world is just so many kinds in fragments. But you are showing that you are the Generation that will heal.”

A virtual graduation ceremony in the middle of a pandemic and mass protests, was probably not what had hoped for the students, said singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. “But expect the Unexpected and celebrates anyway.” Among the well-wishers BTS, Justin Timberlake, Shawn Mendes, Billie Eilish, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Jennifer Lopez, were also. Lady Gaga, the Stewart Simpsons, Bill and Melinda Gates, Bono, Jack Black and Martha.

words to live by from Kimmel

Model Cindy Crawford gave the graduates the tip, often times from your phone, to detach. “Enjoy the Moment!” Daughter and Model-colleague Kaia Gerber commented: “Listen to your parents, they know mostly what you’re talking about.” Host Jimmy Kimmel gave the graduates the tip to never appear with a coffee late for work. “The only way to come up with a coffee late for work, is if you bring coffee for all.”

Also, the singer Beyoncé congratulated the graduates and expressed gratitude that so many of them had participated in the last days of the protests. “Thank you, let’s hear your collective voice, and the world makes it clear that black lives count.” I encounter a “real change” in this “crucial time in history and in your life”, said Beyoncé. “You are everything, what the world needs now.”

At the conclusion of the high school or College are celebrated graduates in the U.S., usually for large events. They wear the traditional mortar Board and gown, receive their degree certificates awarded, and many family members and friends sitting in the audience.

Due to the limitations of the Coronavirus pandemic, these celebrations had to be cancelled this year, largely. In some Federal States, events in a smaller scale, or cars were possible. For the state of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had announced on Sunday that as of the end of June, graduation ceremonies, rules under the open sky with a spacing, and up to 150 people will again be possible.

Traditionally invited to such events, a well-known speaker. In the past few weeks there had been several such ceremonies online, with famous guest speakers. Now the entire “Class of 2020” was given a joint Party with dozens of Stars as speakers, via YouTube.

“come on dance a little bit!”

several times showed up at the event, the former US-President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. “Even in difficult times, you give me more hope. You will be exactly what we need now,” said Michelle Obama. “You have so quickly learned so much and I know that you can make it not only better than the generations before, but that you will also make it better.”

The country could emerge from these difficult times “stronger and better”, said Barack Obama. “But that depends on people like you. I wish my Generation would have done more to solve some of these problems, so that you need to do not have. But the good news is, I know that you’re up to the challenge.”

in Spite of everything, should the graduates not to forget the celebration, said Michelle Obama. “Come on, dance a little! Your cool dance! Only for yourself! Maybe the not-so-cool dance! Guys are silly!”

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