with The return of Kim Clijsters to be a surprise? Place, The People, the more well-known of the ‘Beau séjour’, ‘Blocks’, and ‘Undercover’, has been six months working on a come-back by the belgian tennis player, so report it in The Interest of the province of Limburg and in The course of Time.

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. “Let us come back one more time.” The 36-year-old kim Clijsters has announced on Thursday its return to the professional tenniscircuit to watch a movie on a service like Twitter. Also, the video was directed by The People.

at the Beginning of april, and they had to place a phone call away. If they were interested in it, in order to Kim Clijsters as she is once again a way through to the top of the vrouwentennis. The company did not hesitate. “Kim is a very charismatic and genuine figure,” says Hans-Lovenich, programmahoofd to The People at The Time. “The process is very exciting.”

“The Netflixen of the world,”

for the moment it is not clear when and where the documentary will be like. “Because we are in the production of a secret to keep, have, we don’t have a channel or a platform for us to be bound,” says Lovenich. “We have to be ambitious. It is, in the first place, it is an international story, and the Netflixen of the world. But it is all good. The Feeling , was broadcast on One, and Netflix. Also, this is now possible.”

According to Bob Laes, and the manager, Kim, was the choice of The People is evident. “They have a work around for the former world champion proved to be good at these levels.”

While there are a lot of commercial plan seems to be to sit there, stressed Laes, however, is that the decision to return to “purely ” sporting” it was. “Kim, do it for the love of the sport.

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