It roars, hisses, and chirps, as Lisa on the Controller turns. With the other Hand she is holding a microphone. The gaze falls on the large, twelve-metre-high antenna on the outside in front of the door. Lisa sparks. From the roof of the communications Museum, with views of the river Main and the Frankfurt Skyline. Upstairs is a small radio station, from which you can reach the whole world. For Lisa and her friends spark in the mobile phone is not the age of a long time yet ripe for the Museum. “Can a spark even when the electricity fails and the phone has no reception,” she says. You can see that, for example, in the case of disaster relief operations, as responders on the radio dependent devices in order to stay in contact.

Patricia Andreae

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

Lisa turning again to the Controller and says, loudly and clearly into the microphone: “General call, General call.” Then she calls her personal call sign, and announces that she now goes “to receive”. And suddenly a voice is as clear and understandable as on the phone.

in the short wave to Australia or America

A man from the Taunus – less than 50 miles away – transmits on the same frequency and responds. In the best case, you can reach Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen is in the short wave even somebody in Australia or America. In A Matter Of Seconds. Radio waves, in fact, insanely fast. This may, however, only an operator who has a licence to do so.