criticism from the EU, the Romanian government replies, more recently, with a counter-accusation: For the bureaucrats in Brussels and some European governments it has become a habit to comment for a reason to be negative about Romania – and only because it is located in Eastern Europe.

This is an empty protection claim. The government in Bucharest has earned the harsh words you got in the weeks before the Takeover of the EU to listen to the presidency at the beginning of the year from Brussels. Her Acting is focused on for the past two years, under the guise of a “judicial reform” the goal is to keep leading politicians from their ranks in front of it, into prison for corruption. If you succeed in all your projects, enforce the rule of law in Romania, only a ruin.

Drifting to the East of the continent away from the EU?

The Romanian government has agreed with your accusations, however, a way, anywhere else, has sung for a long time-In Budapest and Warsaw, the permanent confrontation with Brussels is being sold as “the emancipation of Eastern Europe”. To feel as second-class members treated, extends far beyond the circles of the prevailing EU-sceptics: The suspicion that international corporations sell in less-affluent citizens of the EU to the East, chocolate, skin cream and detergents of lower quality than those in the West, is everywhere in Eastern Europe, a duration of the upsets. There is, therefore, within the EU a new East-West conflict? Drift away to the UK in the West to the East of the continent of the EU?

populism and nationalism are not Eastern European features, they also thrive in the old EU countries for a long time. But they are favored in Eastern Europe by some of the special features. Between the EU and the formerly real-socialist members in the East before the accession of a sort of teacher-student relationship: The EU-Commission Reform-house tasks and then evaluated their execution.

This a bad hierarchy resonates in the now formally equal relations with still – both in the choice of words in some West European politicians, as well as in the perception of the Central and Eastern Europeans, due to their historical experience, are very sensitive when they sense a foreign destination. This feeling can easily be politically manipulated.

Difficult reforms to a market economy and democracy

in Romania The government engages with the dismantling of the rule of law and of wild growing rhetoric to the foundations of democracy. In a significant part of the Romanian society, the violent Protest. But as the governments in Poland and Hungary, which are on a similar path, she went from free elections. The victory of the only the name to the social democratic PSD in Romania feeds from similar sources, such as the populist upsurge in Western Europe – only, many social contrasts in Romania (as elsewhere in Eastern Europe).