Every country has the right and duty to control the influx of migrants and to prevent illegal immigration. This is true regardless of whether one is in favour of a liberal immigration policy or his country wants to foreclose. There can be no doubt that the United States, putting it off here for years, a lack of Enforcement. The Institute Pew Research has determined that 11 million people without a residence and work permit to live in the United States. You are living proof of that.

the President of Donald Trump owes his election success to the promise harsh action against illegal immigration. No one should be surprised that he wants to show his voters base.

Illegal immigration has many manifestations, this is also true for the methods they contain. Of the 11 million people who work without stay and work legally in the United States, came to 40 percent just illegally across the border. You are traveling with a legal Visa and after expiry of the validity period remains. In the last years the group of Visa-Fiddler was to the knowledge of the experts is significantly greater than that of the people who have crossed the border from Mexico illegally.

A huge engagement

A to the Problem-focused politicians would steer the state’s resources to where the most is going wrong, namely, in the containment of Visa violations. But this happens only in part. To operate such a policy single-mindedly is probably not particularly telegenic.

Trump is also fixed to the wall. A border wall is not per se a bad idea or even unheard of. The opposition Democrats don’t really think, even if you do now. In the last budget law of March 2018, the Congress, with the votes of democratic members has passed a budget that contained $ 1.6 billion for border security, 1,375 billion dollars for the wall and the border fences. Well, 30 kilometres of which are already completed. According to the Department of Homeland security, the sections of the wall in addition to other methods, such as drones, CCTV or motion detectors are helpful, illegal immigration and drug smuggling curb.

A wall is a powerful intervention, the Trump in his television address to the Nation with the currently precarious security is a justified position. The last full report of the heritage protection authority was quoted for the year 2017, however, “the lowest level of illegal border crossings, since the number is recorded”. Border guards have taken up in the year 300,000 people in the High times, there were 1.6 million. This is contrary to trump’s representation of the crisis escalation. Whether a wall could be the response to an acute crisis, you may be in doubt anyway. It needs time until it has expropriated the landowners for the bulwark, and the concrete is dry.

policy does not work

This year, the Numbers of illegal Crossings have increased, apparently strong, but remain far from the maximum level. The Trump extensively as a security threat represented refugee caravan from Central America is not to be confused, though. The majority of this group wants to explains to apply for moderation asylum in the United States and therefore legal access. The applicant can provide valid reasons, you will be released into the country, the outcome of the asylum procedure, at least if the border officials will follow the law. The procedure is time-consuming, can take years, there seems to be hundreds of thousands of pending cases. If Trump, like-for-TV delivered, wanted to avert a humanitarian crisis at the border, then he would put state resources into the recruitment of asylum judges and officials, which would incidentally also accelerate the legitimate deportations. However, that does not under Trump. He wants no legal immigration.