Comment to Trumps appearance – The Bible served him only as a decoration


Comment to Trumps appearance – The Bible served him only as a staffage of Donald Trump shows that he will stop at nothing. For a pure self-presentation to the US President rubber bullets and tear gas against peaceful demonstrators.Opinion Martin Kilian, Washington0 KommentareFür this image has driven the police to peaceful protesters with tear gas.Photo: Patrick Semansky/Keystone

The annals of the presidency, Donald trump are rich in bizarre moments and strange pronouncements. Last night, a highlight were joined by: the President in an open-air speech in the garden of the White house with the use of the military threatened to be the unrest in US cities Mr.

And after that, Trump gave a gorgeous visual Moment in the evening sun, Washington: The Park in front of the White house was shot with a rubber and tear gas peaceful protesters vacated, so that the President could, as commander stage.

Look, I’m not afraid of anyone!

His Entourage, including the military and the Ministers, followed him across the Park to the historic St. John’s Church, where Trump held a Bible in the TV-cameras, a full face put on and a short time later abmarschierte in his residence.

video recordings show how police for Donald Turmp was going on against the peaceful demonstrators.Video: Tamedia

The Moment shocked many viewers, who had come after or before the Dinner in front of the TV. Apparently it had offended the President deeply, that he was brought out of fear of protesters on Friday in the Bunker under the White house. Now he wanted to show: Look, I’m not afraid of anyone!

Maybe he wanted to demonstrate that God was on his side and not on that of the protesters. What happened in that hour of the evening yesterday in Washington, was certainly great theatre, or better said: great Reality TV.

threats to fizzle out, unless they are accompanied by ridicule.

At the same time, but the process is signaled that this President is nothing but also really nothing to stop what could bring, in his opinion, be a political advantage. The Bible served him as a window-dressing, still on the Park, swirling tear gas as a martial fragrance. As a young man, he had cheated on use in the Vietnam war is over, as a Mature Senior, he was threatened yesterday with a reference to a law of 1807, with the use of the military against troublemakers and looters.

there is nothing to argue, but threats to fizzle out, unless they are accompanied by ridicule, you could in principle. Who occurs with of the Bible in the Hand on live TV in front of a Church, the chin stretches out and defiantly into the cameras looks, without saying anything Memorable, is not really interested in the solution of a serious problem.

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning: In the five months up to the American presidential election, Donald Trump will come up with dramas that America will turn into a theatre of the Absurd. The President is great in it as the main actor, his yesterday’s walk through the Park is likely to only be a preview of have been.

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