Comment to the civil unrest in the USA, Trump is not the doctor, the sick America is in need of The race is the Symptom of an old American disease, unrest. Unfortunately, the President has created so far no remedy.Opinion Christof Münger0 comment demonstrators protest in New York in front of the Trump Tower during a solidarity rally for George Floyd, who was killed this week in Minneapolis by a police officer.Photo: Wong Maye-E (Keystone)

the Video with The violent death of George Floyd verschlägt a language. Brutally and publicly to African-Americans was choked by a white policeman. As a matter of course. It was too much for many Americans. Of course, for the Black, you who are currently suffering the most under the Corona-crisis are Among the over 100’000 deaths and more than 40 million unemployed, a disproportionately high number of African-Americans.

The violent protests suggest that not only is George Floyd was fired in the air, but all over the country. The map with the red dots of the hundreds of protests affected cities shows the allergic reaction to the old American disease. Since slavery and racial segregation in the United States are afflicted by it. And were opposed to the symptoms as successful as the successes of the citizens have the right to shown the movement or the election of Barack Obama as the first black President. But never succeeded in America, the Virus of racism to eradicate.

Not only George Floyd was fired in the air, but all over the country.

responsible For the fact Donald Trump is. All his life he has supported racist stereotypes, such as when he introduced Obama, he was born in Africa and therefore not a legitimate President. However, it would be unfair to Trump all the historical load to attach. As US President he would, however, be responsible for the old sorrow to relieve, which has caused the death of George Floyd again.

until now, the Nation waits in vain for a speech which could reconcile the country. Rather, Trump speaks of “thugs”, “vicious dogs” and threatens with the use of firearms. With such a Law-and-Order rhetoric, the President wants to make, apparently, law and order again – and by the way its voters to impress. But Trump is not the doctor, the sick America desperately needs.

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