Comment to SBB and the home office – the home office is the solution, not the Problemthe SBB back to their passengers. To argue against the home office, but is out of place. Because of overcrowded trains can also be Corona in the interest of the railway.To demonize opinion Conradin Knabenhans3 Kommentare3Statt home office within the industry, should encourage the SBB.Photo: Keystone

The S-Bahn early in the Morning as it would have given the Coronavirus never. Tightly the commuters to wait in the peak times on the platforms, the train doors are grapes. Even if the utilization of the trains in Switzerland are widely considered and over the whole day only at 50 per cent, in the urban agglomerations, the new Corona is a reality already almost back to the old one. Or in other words: the distance is impossible to stop, the uneasy feeling remains while Commuting.

Under the guise of clean mobility, the railway is trying to sell as quickly as possible and again for more Tickets.

all the people in this Situation, the SBB to think about it, how could the home office-the recommendation of the Federal government to loosen (to the report). Under the guise of clean mobility on the track trying to get the ticket revenue as quickly as possible back to pre-crisis levels. Although this is understandable, but other industries have considerably more reason to lobby against home office: Many a restaurateur in the office quarters, waiting in vain for a lucrative lunch business. Unlike the state of operation of the SBB, the Federal government does not cover the restaurateurs, the deficit.

The Railways are doing but otherwise is a good thing to think right now, in the long term: There, where there are many office focused on today is jobs, and are crowded, the trains on a regular basis. That the home office helps to break the commuter peaks, has proved to the Corona-Lockdown. And also the new CEO of the SBB, Vincent Ducrot has understood the principle: “The last few weeks have shown that a mixture of home office and normal office life is very possible,” he said recently.

in order for this statement is not just lip-service, the SBB remains, should now, with the Federal government and other employers to develop solutions on how to get to Corona smarter commuting and working can, without fall back into old patterns. Themselves, the company writes on the Flag, to stand fully behind the culture of the location-independent working. Also so could the Federal lobbying.

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