Comment to Olaf Scholz: A logical step


    he Would have to say “no”? It would have been a great message, if the Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, on the question of whether he believed the office of the Federal Chancellor, would have answered negatively. So the former First mayor of the Free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg, said of course “Yes”.

    On a different sheet, if the claim to the Supreme government, together with its realistic, and it has nothing to do with the skills of the Vice-Chancellor. Even if it would be after the next election, the realistic majority beyond the CDU and the CSU, may not be the SPD according to the current level, as the strongest power of a pretty colorful coalition of the Chancellor. Apart from that, you can accuse Scholz a lot, but not that he would be in his own party, especially popular. Also this has nothing to do with his abilities, but with the internal state of the social democracy.

    A Politikertyp as Scholz (or as Angela Merkel) comes in this party is not far away. How far the party has come to, Yes.