The best jokes come currently from the technical University of Munich, they are just meant to be, unfortunately, a serious. The Munich-based University has launched an Institute for ethics in Artificial intelligence from the baptism. 6.5 million Euro coming from Facebook. You hear correctly? About the manipulative practices of Facebook has become in the past few years, so much is known, that of the Munich Deal of wool with the well-off can be explained under a position of naivety.

The Harvard-Economist Shoshana Zuboff has recently described seven-hundred pages, such as Facebook animals in a real-life human experiment that makes his customers without being asked to attempt. For example, the company has been spying on thousands of Australian students without their Knowledge in order to recognize the emotional phases of Weakness and to determine the ideal Moment for buying incentives. So much for ethics. Facebook will not make specifications for the TU-Institute, it is called as usual. Apparently you should believe that the stock exchange followed, listed companies invested 6.5 million euros in a purely moral interests.

A code of ethics-the price of the Fifa

The head of the new Institute, Christoph Lütge, deserves, it should be possible to defend this view. Economics Professor Christian circle indicates a quote from Lütges book “business ethics” (2017): “One can understand the self – interest – within the appropriate regulatory framework-in a sense ,as a modern Form of charity,’ … It is no longer the traditional contrast between good, altruistic behavior, and bad selfishness.” It would just clarify why the Facebook fraud practices to the General public.