For the more risk will be rewarded investors with a return that is higher – so far the theory. This is also true for the comparison of the German stock index Dax’, the home of the 30 largest listed companies, with the M-Dax and S-Dax for medium-sized and smaller companies.

From the bottom to the top of the small indices performed better than the large. Only the increase in value of the indexes, but would be too one-sided. Just in precarious phases, the robustness of the most prominent German Index shows. Because the large companies of the Dax’s confidence, the more investors than smaller companies.

And the Wind in the stock markets has already been felt, what get to feel the Little stronger now, especially in Germany. Because in contrast to America, where small and medium-sized values are more focused on the domestic market, is trimmed, the German counterpart to Export. These values take faster to travel, if the economy is growing. Down their courses noise, but just as quickly. Investors can, however, hope for the long term is a good development. In the short term, but you need a thick skin.