China’s recent space mission, the first landing of a probe on the far side of the moon, to give the country international Prestige, national pride and promote the supremacy of the party a new legitimacy. Even before the moon vehicle Jadehase had begun his journey on the moon at all, was a visit to a replica in the Beijing national Museum. The moon Mission is a between step to the long-term objective of China “in every aspect of a space”, as formulated by the Beijing leadership as early as 2016. While Beijing pursues political, economic and military objectives. But also propagandistic.

The space program is involved in Xi Jinpings ideology, from the “Re-awakening of the Chinese Nation”. Shortly after he took office in 2013, praised by the heads of state and party leader, the achievements of the Chinese space as proof that he proclaimed the “Chinese dream” is achievable. The state capitalism with Chinese characteristics demonstrates from XI’s point of view, that it is to the highest technological achievements in the position.

Still, China is the United States in the space, however, are significantly inferior. During the Chinese moon probe, Chang’e 4, submitted this week, the first close-up images of the far side of the moon, delivered to the Nasa space probe “New Horizons”, an image of the celestial body Ultima Thule, and the more than six billion kilometers from earth. However, the strength of the Chinese space program is that it is followed step for step, his long-term goals.