of Course it’s about oil in Venezuela. The country has the largest proven reserves in the world. China, Russia, the United States and the entire oil industry look greedy to Venezuela. Since it is obvious that since Wednesday raging battle between the Regime of Nicolás Maduro and the Opposition to the young self-declared transitional President Juan Guaidó as another battleground in a new Cold war, or of capitalist interests. And just as easy it is to accuse Washington of wanting a regime change, to tear the Venezuelan riches under the nail.

But as easy as it is. The Venezuelans had decided as early as 2015, for a change, as you chose in the last free elections for a national Assembly, the Opposition had to Say. Maduro let you override. Later, he denied the people a Referendum on his remaining in office is a democratic means of his predecessor, Hugo Chávez is in the constitutional writing. While Maduro spoke in recent years of an “economic war” of the Bourgeoisie and of the imperialists, availing themselves of his Regime and its generals shamelessly to the riches and left the industry to rot. The privileges showered generals are today, Maduro’s last power is the guarantor. Venezuela has become a military dictatorship. The presidential election changed in the last may, nothing, because they took place without the Opposition. The Opposition and large parts of the world community have not recognised the choice at the time. Why should they recognise Maduro as President?

The Venezuelans are no longer able to. In the last three years, one out of every Ten left the country. Today workers are looking in the garbage to Eat, the Sick after the drugs, mothers to their sons, who are beaten in the dungeons of the police, because they want to be free. Of the once overhyped “Revolution” of the commander Chávez is nothing left but misery and Repression. Now, two dozen demonstrators have been killed, two years ago there were over a hundred. Nevertheless, the Venezuelans stand up again, the change that is denied to them for years. In Juan Guaidó they have found a new hope. It is a Testament to the contempt Maduro’s for his own people that he referred to him as “lackeys” of Washington.