The CDU wants to draw a “Social Bots” in the future, and to regulate, but you can find obviously no.

It is computer controlled accounts on social media that have influenced a questionable study, the debate on the migration Pact of the United Nations. What Social Bots are exactly, is not defined. This newspaper, when posted on Twitter, posts automatically?

This is not the CDU, when she speaks of an urgent, pervasive Problem. But a influential, it has not presented to the Bot so far. The SPD hawed around, the Greens are delighted that you had the idea before.

The world shakes its head: Yes, there is a Problem with manipulative, false news, but the Bots held so far, hardly a dangerous one. No matter, Germany is once again to fight with hurray a digital phantom problem. That means paperwork, information requirements and fees for IT-lawyers, you know, the General data protection regulation and the network enforcement of the law.

Perhaps the coalition could come up with for the next act, but at least a shorter name?