Who needs every vote, not to make enemies. This is the principle followed by the Hessian Prime Minister, as he set up the government team of the CDU. Not a single member of the Union, will decide on Friday whether Bouffier’s government remains-in-chief, has a discernible reason for the lawsuit.

This is not a matter of course. Because the worst election result of the past half-century was the loss of two Ministerial offices. Health Minister Stefan Grüttner has to clear the field for the Green. Because he also lost his parliamentary mandate, they are eliminated from the policy. Also, Boris Rhein, Minister of science and art, must soft. But it can be compensated with the office of the President of Parliament, Prince, Norbert Kartmann. All other Ministers retain their office.

Beuth with open edges

The Opposition has fulfilled its task, by Bouffier holding outraged that interior Minister Peter Beuth. He has commanded in the past months, in fact, open flanks. But in the Hessian story of a Minister stayed in office, had been guilty of.

moreover, don’t even Bouffier itself, as long as he holds office. Because he has made from the love of God and the will of his wife. It may be that he conveys in two or three years, to give a party the opportunity to distinguish themselves before the next elections. This successor would also have to have a Chance, the Cabinet remodel. Even in the face of such prospects, it is understandable, if Bouffier holds on to his Team, to a large extent.